Our Breeding Philosophy

Why we do what we do

Here at v.d. Ritterburg Deutsch – Drahthaars, we believe in producing a hunting dog that can hunt everything. As you can see from our slideshows and also when you talk with Josh and Dan, WE HUNT EVERYTHING, and we hunt a lot. We demand that our dogs hunt a 360° gambit of game.

A typical hunt in the Dakotas for us would go something like this. Ducks and Geese in the morning in cold water, then off to the fields for Hunts, Pheasants and Sharpies, the occasional Sandhill Cranes, capped off with a late night blood track on Whitetail deer. All with the same dog, and if you have hunted with us, you know that most the time it is with pups under a year old. It’s also very important for our dogs to have that cooperation with the hunter, the dog MUST hunt for the hunter, not for himself. And the most important thing that this high power machine must bring to the table…… the ability to be a fantastic house dog.

With every dog from v.d. Ritterburg there is multiple training options available to all Ritterburg owners.  From obedience training (held twice a year), field / hunting training, to test specific training v.d. Ritterburg has many of options to help train your Ritterburg dog.

Your dogs success is our success.  We have a vested interest to ensure you have all the tools needed to make you and your dog successful in the field and at home.  From monthly newsletters, one on one contact, and the network of over 200 Ritterburg hunters and trainers here to help assist.

v.d. Ritterburg is one of North America’s most successful Deutsch-Drahthaar kennels.  Placing top honors in both North America and Internationally, Ritterburg’s blood line has proven itself for over a decade.