Bear II vom Orion


v.d. Ritterburg

Bear II

vom Orion
Color Brsch Braum mlt Brfl
DOB 1.3.2014 20.04.2015
ZB 226563 228487
ZR# 346/14
Form 11 11
Hair 11 12
Size 60/61 66/66
VJP 77 pts 70 pts
HZP 181 pts 180 pts
VGP Prize I/302
HD Free Yes – (A Rating) Yes – (A Rating)
vWD Free Yes Yes


Bloodline / Pairing

This litter is very exciting to us because Bear is a direct son of Ike v.d. Ritterburg who is one of our all time great dogs from our kennel.  Bear carries the same raw power and passion in the water search and tracking as Ike does.  In taking him to Yuma who is our go to female when hunting upland game in the Dakota’s.  With her powerful methodical field search and strong point you can’t get much better than her when hunting wild rosters.