About B-II litter


Paige v.d. Ritterburg Turbo v.d. Ritterburg
Color Braun m. Abz. Brsch
DOB 01.02.2012 25.05.2013
ZB 219046 223071
ZR# 092/12 pending
Form 62/63
Hair 10/9 11/11
VJP 75 pts (12 in Track) 67 pts
HZP 210 & 189 pts ( 12 in Search Behind the Duck) 187 pts
VGP Prize II/283 puts (4H in duck search) Prize I/309 pts (4H in duck search)
HD Free Yes – (A Rating) Yes – (A Rating)
vWD Free Yes Yes

Paige Bio:

Paige v.d.Ritterburg is a POWERHOUSE! Hard charging, hunt all day. Daughter of Ellie v.d. Ritterburg & Hunter v.d. Ritterburg. The only US bred drahthaar in 2013 to receive an award of excellence (12) in each of her 3 breed tests within the same year.

  • VJP – 12 in Track
  • HZP – 12 in Search Behind the Duck
  • VGP – 4H Water Work

Turbo Bio:
Turbo is a solid hunting dog! He shined in hes breed tests with a first time handler. Very solid pointing, use of nose, & tremendous manners behind game. You can find Turbo on any given week in North Dakota hills shirttail hunting, Minnesota cattail sloughs Duck hunting, & up north grouse & woodcock hunting. Turbo was spot on VGP blood track very methodical.

Turbo Blood Track


Please feel free to contact Dan Ritter at (651) 785-5659 or at Dan@vdRitterburg.com with any questions.