About R litter

Angie v.d. Ritterburg Nash v.d. Ritterburg
Color Brsch Brsch
DOB 18.12.2005 02.04.2011
ZB 199174(tatoo) 216348(tatoo)
Conformation 10 11
Coat 09 10
VJP 75 pts 70 pts
HZP 191 pts Armbruster 175 pts Armbruster
232 pts Hegewald 2012 Best Looking Male at Armbruster
HD Free Yes Yes
OCD Free Yes
vWD Free Yes Yes

About this litter
We are happy to present the combination of our “A” litter v.d. Ritterburg to the “N” litter v.d. Ritterburg. We are breeding back a grandson of Alexis v.d. Ritterburg to her sister Angie v.d. Ritterburg. Doubling up this proven line of Ritterburg Drahthaar should keep the tradition of great Ritterburg Drahthaars going.