About S litter

Nikki v.d. Ritterburg Ilex v.d. Westmark
DOB 02.04.2011 29.12.2010
ZB 216353 215454
ZR Pending Pending
Conformation 10 11
Coat 10 12
VJP 80 pts 70 pts
HZP 183 pts 176 pts Armbruster
HD Free Yes – (A Rating) Yes
OCD Free Yes Yes
vWD Free Yes Yes


About this litter
The combination of Nikki v.d. Ritterburg x Ilex v.d. Westmark will produce our 5th generation of Ritterburg Drahthaar. Ilex was chosen to sire this litter because Dan & Josh have personally had their hands on 5 of the dogs on his pedigree during our many trips to Germany.