About T litter

Ellie v.d. Ritterburg Hugo v.d. Westmark
Color Braun m. Brfl. Brsch
DOB 18.12.2007 02.09.2010
ZR 302/07 352/10
Conformation 11
Coat 10
VJP 75 pts 63 pts
HZP 214 pts (09′ Hegewald) 187 pts
HD Free Yes Yes

About T litter
This is Ellie v.d.Ritterburg’s 3rd litter. Her first litter ( N litter v.d.Ritterburg) turned out some really nice Drahthaars in the JGHV testing system as well as fantastic hunters. Some of the testing highlights of this litter was Nikki v.d.Ritterburg earning two 12’s in her way to a VJP 80. Nash v.d.Ritterburg earning Best Looking Male Drahthaar at the 2012 Armbruster in Watertown, SD. This litter was hunts very good and has proven to be some really nice Drahthaars. Ellie’s 2nd litter was the P litter where we put the combination of Ellie x our very own Hunter v.d.Ritterburg. Once again, Ellie threw some really nice hunting dogs. Many of this litter tested in the JGHV testing system with very good scores. Paige and Prince earning 12’s in their VJP’s with a 75 and a 77. This current combination of Ellie x Hugo should be an interesting outcross with some real good bird hunting.

Ellie v.d.Ritterburg, mother is Alexis v.d.Ritterburg who’s mother is Brandy vom Felsen Fluss. Brandy recieved a 12 in the 2005 Hegewald, was in heat at the time, so we bred her in Germany. Brandy tested her VJP a year early at 6 months old, received a 70. The A litter from Brandy and Nick produced some great dogs in Alexis and Angie among other litter mates. Angie was 2nd place dog in the world at the 2007 Hegewald and received two perfect 12’s. Alexis has had two litters and both of those litter have done well as also producing the Armbruster winner for 2010 Imax v.d. Ritterburg. Imax’s sibling Ike v.d.Ritterburg completed all of his three Drahthaar tests in the same year. a HUGE accomplishment. only about 12% of all Drahthaars complete the VGP or utility test, and to have Ike complete all three before he was 18 months old says alot about our line of Drahthaars. Ike also received a 12 at his HZP test.