About U litter

Mercedes v.d. Ritterburg Ike v.d. Ritterburg
Color Brsch Braun m.Brfl.
DOB 26.12.2010 27.04.2009
ZB 215384 210693
Conformation 10 11
Coat 10 10
VJP 70 pts 71 pts
HZP 185 pts 187 pts
12 in Use of Nose 12 in Search Behind the Duck
HD Free Yes – (A Rating) Yes – (A Rating)
vWD Free Yes Yes


About U litter
This combination of Mercedes v.d.Ritterburg to Ike v.d.Ritterburg promises to be an exciting match of some of our best stuff here at Ritterburg. The proven performance of the Angie and Alexis pups is coming full circle here as we have brought these two lines together in a very nice line breeding. Don’t delay in reserving your puppy spot on this litter. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say….” You snooze, You lose!” Call me today and reserve your next hunting companion.

Mercedes Bio: Mercedes is out second 3rd generation of perfect 12’s in performance here at Ritterburg Drahthaars. Mercedes received 12 in Use of Nose at her HZP, her mother Angie v.d.Ritterburg was 2nd place in Hegewald and received two 12’s, Use of Nose and Haretrack. Mercede’s Grandmother Brandy vom Felsen Fluss received 12 in Search behind the Duck at the Hegewald. Her brother Jax v.d.Ritterburg received 12 in Search behind the duck making Jax our first 3rd Generation perfect 12’s. Mercedes is the product of generation to generation of great performing Drahthaars.
Mercedes is half sister to Jax v.d.Ritter burg ( 12 in search behind the duck)
Mercedes is the Daughter of Angie v.d.Ritterburg ( 2nd place Hegewald, 232 performance points)
Mercedes is the Niece of Alexis v.d.Ritter burg ( mother of Ike and Imax v.d.Ritterburg and Ellie v.d.Ritterburg)
Mercedes is the Granddaughter of Brandy ( 12 in search behind the duck at Hegewald)

Ike Bio: Ike is the real deal. Ike is our go to male dog here at Ritterburg Drahthaars. Ike’s personality, manners, hunt, household charm is second to none. Ike is a machine in tracking and water work. During the hunting season, Ike is responsible for numerous deer recoveries. Ike is one of the few Amercian Drahthaars that complete all three breed tests within the same year, and Ike captured very high scores all at a very young age. As you can see, Ike is one handsome dude.
Ike is brother to Imax v.d.Ritterburg ( Armbruster winner)
Ike is the half brother to Ellie v.d. Ritterburg ( mother of Nikki v.d. Ritterburg, 80 VJP points and Nash v.d.Ritterburg, best looking male Drahthaar at the Armbruster)
Ike is the son of Alexis v.d. Ritterburg
Ike is the grandson of Brandy ( 12 in search behind the duck at the Hegewald)