About W litter

Lacy v.d. Ritterburg Jax v.d. Ritterburg
Color Brsch Brsch
DOB 18.12.2010 03.10.2009
ZB 215323 211595
Conformation 9 10
Coat 10 11
VJP 68 & 74 pts 73 pts
HZP 0 & 170 pts 187 pts (12 in duck work)
VGP Prize I/288 pts
HD Free Yes – (A Rating) Yes – (A Rating)
vWD Free Yes Yes


About W litter
This combination of Ritterburg to Ritterburg will be some hunting machines!
The L litter Ritterburg brings a nice combination of Brandy and Chisle v.d.Ritterburg. Cross these two great dogs with Ike v.d.Ritterburg or Jax v.d. Ritterburg and you have a super hunting dog. The L litter girls are natural upland bird dogs and natural retrievers. Combine this with the track , the water and early maturity of Ike and Jax and you have quite the Ritterburg breeding.
For the V litter v.d.Ritterburg, we have put together Lady v.d.Ritterburg x Ike v.d.Ritterburg
For the W litter v.d.Ritterburg we have put together Lacy v.d.Ritterburg x Jax v.d.Ritterburg
Both the V and W litters should be born right around the first week of December. You will want to reserve your spot on one of the great hunting pups before somebody else takes your spot.

Lacy Bio: What a hunting machine. While hunting behind Lacy in the Dakota’s, you better hang on tight for the ride of your life. Get ready to follow Lacy through the CRP fields to the roosters. Lacy is like her mother Brandy in that Lacy has this uncanny ability to know where the birds are. Very hard pointing dog which comes out of her father Chisle v.d.Ritterburg. Go get a cup of coffee when she goes on point and call your friend over so he can get the shot.
Lacy’s track on the hare, the water and the drags is second to none, but we would expect that being a direct daughter out of Brandy. Lacy gets on the track of a rooster and if your up to the game, you just follow along and be ready when she goes on point. Don’t hunt behind Lacy if you don’t want your game vest to be burdened down with dead roosters. Lacy is a great dog to have around, she is very quiet in the yard and the crate. Lacy waits her turn, but when it’s her turn, LOOK OUT!

Jax Bio: Jax is a 3rd generation of perfect 12’s and is a very quick learner, his willingness to please is outstanding. Just show Jax what you would like and he will do it. Force Fetching was easy for this litter, They could figure out what you wanted and because of their williingness to please, they got through the Force Fetcthing process. Jax ran all three Drahthaar tests in his first year before he was 2 years of age, a huge accomplishment. On his journey through the VJP, HZP and VGP, Jax achieved a 12 (excellent) in the duck work for his HZP and a Prize I, 288 Pts VGP one week later.
Jax’s mother is non other than the well known Angie v.d. Ritterburg, who you will recall took 2nd in the 2007 Hegewald and his Grandmother is our great Brandy who did her VJP a year early at 6 months and also has produced some of the best Drahthaars in America.
Jax’s father is Furst vom Bandorfer-Forst. There are some great Drahthaars in this line, including Hegewald winners as well as runner-ups.