About Z litter

Lacy v.d. Ritterburg Ike v.d. Ritterburg
Color Brsch Braun m.Brfl.
DOB 18.12.2010 27.04.2009
ZB 215323 210693
Conformation 9 11
Coat 10 10
VJP 68 & 74 pts 71 pts
HZP 0 & 170 pts 187 pts (12 in Search Behind the Duck)
VGP Prize I/318 pts (4H in duck search)
HD Free Yes – (A Rating) Yes – (A Rating)
vWD Free Yes Yes


About Z litter

Lacy Bio: What a hunting machine. While hunting behind Lacy in the Dakota’s, you better hang on tight for the ride of your life. Get ready to follow Lacy through the CRP fields to the roosters. Lacy is like her mother Brandy in that Lacy has this uncanny ability to know where the birds are. Very hard pointing dog which comes out of her father Chisle v.d.Ritterburg. Go get a cup of coffee when she goes on point and call your friend over so he can get the shot.
Lacy’s track on the hare, the water and the drags is second to none, but we would expect that being a direct daughter out of Brandy. Lacy gets on the track of a rooster and if your up to the game, you just follow along and be ready when she goes on point. Don’t hunt behind Lacy if you don’t want your game vest to be burdened down with dead roosters. Lacy is a great dog to have around, she is very quiet in the yard and the crate. Lacy waits her turn, but when it’s her turn, LOOK OUT!

Ike Bio: Ike is the real deal. Ike is our go to male dog here at Ritterburg Drahthaars. Ike’s personality, manners, hunt, household charm is second to none. Ike is a machine in tracking and water work. During the hunting season, Ike is responsible for numerous deer recoveries. Ike is one of the few Amercian Drahthaars that complete all three breed tests within the same year, and Ike captured very high scores all at a very young age. As you can see, Ike is one handsome dude.
Ike is brother to Imax v.d.Ritterburg ( Armbruster winner)
Ike is the half brother to Ellie v.d. Ritterburg ( mother of Nikki v.d. Ritterburg, 80 VJP points and Nash v.d.Ritterburg, best looking male Drahthaar at the Armbruster)
Ike is the son of Alexis v.d. Ritterburg
Ike is the grandson of Brandy ( 12 in search behind the duck at the Hegewald)