Etta was whelped December 18, 2007. By September, she had already earned a
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Natural Ability Prize
One. Latter that same year she made three five day pheasant hunting trips
to South Dakota mainly for the experiences, yet her natural ability enabled
her to perform beyond expectations. During the spring of 2009, she received
advanced training by Carey McMillian of Grouse Point Kennels. This included
force break and field control. Following this advanced training, we went on
to compete in; The Midwest Upland Gundog Series, Wisconsin Series, and Bird
Dog Challenge n.k.a. Bird Dog Circuit. Thus far, she has earned; Wisconsin
Open Top Gun Amateur Pointer Champion, Ol Fall Classic Midwest Upland
Gundog Series Amateur Pointer Champion, Amateur Championship Runner Up,
Labor Day Challenge Amateur Pointer Champion, and Midwest Upland Gundog
Series Tournament of Champions Amateur Pointer Champion. Combined with the
aforementioned, she has earned no less then a top five in every other event
that we have ever participated in. Beyond the organized events, we have
managed to do three five day wild pheasant hunts to South Dakota for each
of the last three years with the fall of 2010 being one of the most
memorable. Wherein Etta, retrieved to hand, 68 of the 73 pheasants shot
never having to use anything more restricting then a Light Modified choke.

So get to work on building us a better Drahthaar because the bar is set really high with Etta.

Kind Regards,
Dan O