We just got back from the North Dakota opener … Bodi did amazing!!! 4 days of limits and he pretty much retrieved all the ducks. It is crazy how the dogs ability is just breed into him. After he saw the first duck go down and then grabbed it…it was all over he pounded them!


My Story

I first saw Dan’s dogs 2 years ago at Pheasants Forever Conference. I was immediately impressed with the dogs great demeanor. They were unlike any other kennel I had visited. However, I had always had labs, and was not ready to commit to a new puppy.

Last year after leaving North Dakota from duck hunting (very discouraged with the dog)… we drove to Dan’s on the way home. Shortly after that I sent in my deposit for the first pup I could get.

Here is a picture of Bodi from his first hunt. We shot limits of birds for 4 days, and Bodi pretty much retrieved them all. In lakes, cattail marshes and fields nothing slowed him down. It was truly amazing watching a dog that has been bred to such high standards perform at only 9 months old.

The only other thing that might be more impressive than his innate hunting ability is how easy he has been to train, and the wonderful addition he has been to the family. We have 4 young children, and he is absolutely fantastic with them!

My brother will be on a list for a pup soon. Thanks for putting this caliber of a dog out there!

Nate Price, Iowa

*v.d. Ritterburg would also like to point out that Lux v.d. Ritterbrug was born Dec, 18th 2010 and was only 9 months old for this hunt! Congratulations Nate and Lux for a great start to the waterfowl season.