Where it all started


vom Felsen Fluss

Brandy vom Felsen Fluss, the mother to most of our dogs. Brandy is the real deal. At 12 weeks old Brandy was doing 200 yard blood tracks, 100 yard feathered drags. We noticed right away that Brandy was a quick learner, had a fantastic nose, and the prey drive was second to none. We went to our first DD training day in April, when Brandy was 4.5 months old. She was amazing, Brandy was doing the VJP stuff that the dogs a year older than her were supposed to be oing, but were having trouble with. We decided after that training weekend, that we would enter Brandy into a VJP a year early, and we haven’t looked back since. She passed her VJP with 10’s in all the tested subjects for a 70 VJP, and this was on her 6 month birthday.

Before her first birthday Brandy had recovered 4 deer, retrieved numerous ducks, geese and 34 pheasants on a trip to Iowa. We took Brandy to our first Hegewald in 2005 where she received 223 performance points and a 12 in the duck search. Brandy and her offspring’s water work has been compared by some as a “heat seeking missile”. We are pleased with Brandy’s quick maturing work, and that she has been able to pass on her genes to her offspring.

Brandy had 5 of her A Litter Ace, Aden, Alexis, and Angie v.d. Ritterburg in the 2007 Armbruster, where they all did very well. Her pup Angie v.d. Ritterburg is the highest scoring American handled Drahthaar to date with 232 performance points and 2nd place at the 2007 Hegewald, receiving a 12 in Hare Track and a 12 in use of Nose. Her B Litter had two pups Bentley and Bailee v.d. Ritterburg test in their VJP a year early at 5.5 months old, and they both scored in the high 60’s and one of those pups passed the HZP a year early also. Blaze and Britta v.d. Ritterburg ran their VJP’s as scheduled and Blaze passed with a 75 and Britta a 76, both pups 11 in Hare Track, 11 in Use of Nose, 11 Search. Then Brandy had a D Litter pup Dixie v.d. Ritterburg run a VJP a year early with 10 in track, 10 in nose, 9 in search for a 65 VJP score, a year early at 6 months.