Dan Ritter

Owner & Hunter

Our love affair with the Deutsch Drahthaar began years ago while pursuing a couple huge trophy Whitetail bucks. As is sometimes the case with hunting, we were not able to recover a massive Whitetail buck; we just couldn’t see blood sign anymore. We searched for days, and finally found that buck five days later, but the head was cut off. We vowed never to let that happen again. During my search for a hunting companion that could perform all our types of hunting AND recover our deer, I kept coming back to the Deutsch Drahthaar. The DD is an upland bird dog, a waterfowl dog, a blood tracking dog, and most important, a family companion. A couple months later, Dan purchased a ten week old Deutsch Drahthaar pup named Brandy vom Felsen Fluss. And as they say. “The rest is history”

Josh Ritter

Owner & Hunter

Like my Dad, I am an avid hunter and always have been. I remember going in the evenings with Dad Bowhunting and Dad would hang me in the tree on a branch by my snow suit. As far back as I can remember, I was accompaning Dad and my Uncles to Canada for the yearly duck and goose hunt. I was so young when I first started going there I shot my BB gun at the ducks. Our family always had hunting dogs, I liked them all, but I really see the difference in our Drahthaars compared to our Labs and Shorthairs. I’m proud of our line of Drahthaars and I enjoy going hunting in the Dakotas with my frineds and their labs. There is no comparison between our Drahthaars and their labs. The highlight of my Drahthaar experience I thought was handling one of Dad’s dogs at the 2007 Armbruster, but then Dad ( actually Mom) let me handle the same dog at the 2007 Hegewald in Germany. What a thrill the Hegwald was, running against 220 other Drhathaars.

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