Another good find for Zoe and I. This deer was shot through the guts and went a couple hundred yards. It is so cool to watch her work these blood tracks and find these deer and I can’t believe she isn’t even a year old. read more

I couldn’t be happier! Out of the 7 DD’s I’ved owned over the years this is only my second score over 70. All DD’s are not created equal. I’m looking forward to the HZP training this summer. Hunting abilities aside, she is the most personable dog I’ve ever owned. read more

I can’t put into words how happy and impressed I am with Ginger. My wife absolutely adores her, and all of my neighbors can’t believe what a well behaved dog she is. All of there idiot dogs start barking, but she won’t make a sound. read more

It was the first time taking our pup on the big water goose hunting. He retrieved them all, 6 of the 8 were still alive and diving. He did great, was good practice for the upcoming season.
(*note: Parker was only 6 months old) read more

Beyond the organized events, we have managed to do three five day wild pheasant hunts to South Dakota for each of the last three years with the fall of 2010 being one of the most memorable. Wherein Etta, retrieved to hand, 68 of the 73 pheasants shot … read more

It is crazy how the dogs ability is just breed into him. After he saw the first duck go down and then grabbed it…it was all over he pounded them! read more